Kristina Ti

Cristina Tardito

Behind Kristina Ti there is Cristina Tardito in a symbiosis that cannot be set aside. Beyond fashion, prejudices and clichés, towards a very personal imagination. True expression of character. Cristina has travelled, has seen and lived in other places, always having been fascinated by the past and its implications in the present .She set off from Turin and she came back to Turin, she concluded her journey here, in the place where things do simply happen. Kristina Ti conquers the head first of all. She knows the codes of femininity, because the cowl makes the monk! Dressing oneself to tell oneself… The brand’s customers have found a real accomplice in Cristina Tardito. They are free independent women who carry on with their struggles even if they are tired, complex and frivolous, on high heels or barefoot, seductive and seduced by life.

Kristina Ti - Cristina Tardito Kristina Ti - Cristina Tardito
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